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Gamboozini Lodge Ponta Do Ouro

Ponta Do Ouro (the point of gold) is the most southern point of Mozambique. When the sun rises in the early morning it comes up from behind the point, creating a golden coloured glow....which is where the name Ponta Do Ouro likely originates from.

Ponta is an amazingly beautiful village nestled along the coast of the Indian Ocean. From Maputo, the capital of Mozambique, getting to Ponta is a 15 minute ferry ride, and then a 3 to 4 hour bush ride and paradise is then at your doorstep. Currently tourists come mainly from within South Africa because the KOSI BAY border is just 10 km away making it a pretty easy 20 minute bush ride but you do need a 4 wheel drive or alternatively you can easily leave your car at the border (safe parking for R30 a day) and get a border to Ponta transfer.

There are loads of ponta activities in Ponta Do Ouro for everyone.  Ponta diving is one of the main reasons Ponta has become famous. With quite a few reputable dive schools, all can verify you with PADI if you are a beginner diver or want to try diving out. There are many reefs where one can see diverse reef fish or even go to the further out Pinnacles reef down to +35 meters to see the sharks! The village of Ponta also offers wild dolphin swimming and staying at the Gamboozini Lodge will get you a 10% discount. Suring and Kite-suring lessons as well as paragliding, deep sea fishing, kaying and nature walks should all be on your to do list. But don't forget to sit around Gamboozini lodge's nightly fire and try the local R&R (rum and rasberry).  

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