Gamboozini Lodge


After graduating from the American university of Paris and a year working for UNESCO I co-founded a non-profit Global Nomads Group and devoted 15 years of my life to cross cultural communication amongst young people around the world. Our intention at the lodge is to create an environment that truly gives our guests a home away from home feeling.

My cousin, Nikel, joined me from Germany right at the start and we partnered up to create the lodge. He brought with him to Ponta Do Ouro his many skill sets, not least his experience as an architect, without that we would not have our beautiful bungalows nor the bar or restuarant for that matter!

We are often traveling, but we have our amazing manager, Mika, who really runs the show at the lodge, with important help from Angie, Alzira and Arturo. All are also great cooks and create yummy dishes. One must try the grilled piri-piri chicken and Seafood dishes. Our team is absolutely essential in helping to realize the full potential of the lodge.