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When coming from South Africa, please view the pdf for directions. Please note that if you are traveling from within South Africa, you do not need a 4by4 to get to Ponta, but you can also park your car at the border and get a border to Ponta transfer, costing R100 per person one way, which Gamboozini Lodge will help organize.

This is a  Hyperlink to open a PDF file on how to get to Ponta Do Ouro from South Africa

{}How do I get to Ponta Do Ouro from Maputo?

Now, since there is a bridge, you can take a bus from Maputo across the bridge, diretly to Ponta. But you can also  take a 20 minute ferry from downtown Maputo to Catembe and from Catembe it is about a 1hr.20 min drive. You can either take a local 'Chapas' (bus) which can be a bit tight (we recommend you buy 2 seats so you have more space) costs about 200 meticals ($6) per seat or the more expensive alternative is to rent a private chapas (about $120 one way - takes up to 10 people - price is the same regardless of the number of people). Alternatively call us and we can help. Sometimes there are friends coming from Maputo and we can try to connect you. Either way let us help. Contact Us

Are there banks in Ponta?

Yes! There is a BCI bank that has 4 ATM's that take VISA card. Gamboozini Lodge takes cash meticals (local currency), Rands, Dollars, Euros and most other exchange currencies. We also have a credit card machine that takes both VISA and Mastercard.

What should I bring?

Bring your passports of course! Also some suntan lotion, mosquito repellent and a medicine pouch...Gamboozini Lodge also has a first aid kid!


Malaria is more prevelant in the north of Mozambique. We have had no local cases of Malaria. Choose your medicine that suits you should you decide to take anti-malaria as certain medicines can cause nausea, stomach cramps & diarrhea.


The Gamboozini Lodge restuarant and bar serves some of, if not the best food in town...We have locally prepared dishes as well as international cuisine. You must try the Zambesi styled local Piri Piri chicken as well as some of our prawns...and fresh fish.


We can help organise deep sea fishing...wild dolphin swimming, diving to the +20 reefes, snorkeling, quad biking and nature walks...let us help. When staying with us at the Gamboozini Lodge, we will connect you with the most reliable operators. Please visit our activities page.

Location of the Lodge?

The Gamboozini Lodge is located in Ponta Do Ouro, Mozambique, which is just 10km from the Kosi Bay South African Border. We are situated just a 6 minute walk from the main beach of Ponta, just behind the main sand dune, with views of the lovely green sand dune hill. We have chosen our location to be only a short distance away from the hectic center but close to the water, making Gamboozini Lodge the most ideal accommodation and lodge location.

Who does the Gamboozini Lodge cater to?

    We embrace ALL holiday, travel, adventure seekers. The lodge has a luxury bungalow with AC, bath, shower and balcony, 5 unique bungalows with en-suite toilet and showers...ideal for couples and families, and we have dorm rooms for students and adventurers on a budget! Check out our Ponta accommodation page

GPS Coordinates:

26°50'54.6"S 32°53'23.4"E